Capturing Moments

“I capture moments in my drawings and paintings, furtive moments as the model moves or changes her pose. I would like the viewer to sense that her movement is real and plausible. Each painting and drawing I create is a part of a larger and more complex idea.”


Stewart Fletcher's Studio

The Artist’s Studio

Visiting Stewart Fletcher’s studio can be helpful in understanding the processes and work involved in the act of creation. Spending time with any artist assists us in understanding, the thoughts and ideas behind each painting or drawing.

I am drawn to…

“I am drawn to quiet places far away from the noise of day to day living. There is no inspiration to be found in chaos or in man-made structures. Instead, I am entranced by the serenity of the sky and water, most comfortable in silent rooms and fascinated by the intricacies and the intimacy of the human body.”


The Artist

Stewart Fletcher has participated in over one hundred solo and group exhibitions in both public and private galleries. Fletcher’s paintings, drawings, and works on paper can be found in several hundred international collections.

His Ideas

Fletcher explores concepts and ideas that go beyond the figurative image.  Stewart Fletcher’s paintings and drawings reflect his impressions, experiences, and observations from day-to-day living. He often uses humor and satire in his paintings and drawing as a way to convey his ideas, observations, and opinions.

His Interests

Recognized for his fascination and skill in depicting the human body, Stewart Fletcher is also known for his passion and curiosity about many things including technology, metaphysics, quantum theory, biology, and the perception of color.