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Stewart Fletcher
Stewart Fletcher: Paintings, Drawings and Works on Paper2021-11-25T12:20:19-05:00

Capturing Moments

“I capture moments in my drawings and paintings, furtive moments as the model moves or changes her pose. I would like the viewer to sense that her movement is real and plausible. Each painting and drawing I create is a part of a larger and more complex idea.”


My Blog

I write as an artist, an art educator, a father and as a man.  I am a prolific writer and blogger and have been for many years.  I have never shied away from sharing my life, my ideas about art and my thoughts with everyone.   These are ideas that have evolved and continue to evolve.

With time comes clarity.


My Blog Page

A Recent Portfolio Addition

Stewart Fletcher's Studio

The Artist’s Studio

Visiting Stewart Fletcher’s studio can be helpful in understanding the processes and work involved in the act of creation. Spending time with any artist assists us in understanding, the thoughts and ideas behind each painting or drawing.

I am drawn to…

“I am drawn to quiet places far away from the noise of day to day living. There is no inspiration to be found in chaos or in man-made structures. Instead, I am entranced by the serenity of the sky and water, most comfortable in silent rooms and fascinated by the intricacies and the intimacy of the human body.”


My Art, My Life

I have always believed that to understand art, one must know and understand the artist.

To know me is to know my work and to know my work is to know me.  I don’t see a separation between myself, my life and my work.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

I cannot accompany my art throughout its journey and be there to explain the work to the viewer.  It is my hope that the work sparks curiosity in the viewer in such a way that she or he seeks me out to find out more about the ideas and thoughts behind my painting or drawing.

Ask Questions

There is nothing wrong with asking questions.

Ask me anything

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