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You are who surrounds you.

We all know very successful people who have relationships, kids and who are very busy and still evolving and moving forwards towards their life's purpose.  What's their secret? They are surrounded by people who are moving forward and who are successful too.

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I was described by a journalist as an being angry young man almost 40 years ago. Was I really angry?

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Roman Charity

Art history is filled with works of art that leave you with a lot more questions than answers.  As a student of art you'll come across things that you may want to un-see.

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Art History: WTF

I've had a renewed interest in the evolution of our species ever since it was announced that some of us have a little Neanderthal DNA in us .  It now appears that some of our ancestors got their game on with the neighbors in the cave next door, which helps explain some of the

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Formal Training

It was important for a collector historically to know where an artist studied and with whom.  If an artist didn't have the right pedigree then there was no client. 

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