“Your fervent attempt to be both a teacher and an artist may at times seem like an undertaking that’s simply beyond your capacity—beyond anyone’s capacity. That’s okay. From tremendous effort, tremendous things sometimes emerge. You’ll simply never know if you don’t try to find out what your true capacity is. I expect it will be far greater than you ever thought possible.”

~ Pierre-Auguste Renoir ~

A teacher or artist?

I love creating pictures as much as I love helping people rediscover the creativity they once had as a child.  They go hand in hand.

I can show anyone how to draw and paint. The only thing I cannot give them is the desire to do it. I cannot make anyone do the work. All I can do is enable them, guide them and encourage them.

I agree with Renoir. Being both a teacher and an artist is a huge undertaking.  It takes a tremendous effort on my part.

Then why do it?

Like Renoir said, from the tremendous effort, wonderful things emerge. I meet people every week who rediscover themselves through creativity.  The most beautiful thing to emerge is witnessing people rediscovering themselves through drawing and painting.

Anyone who views creativity and learning as competition is missing the whole point of the process, as is anyone looking for accolades or a pat on the back. Art is very much of a personal journey. Everyone is different, and their creativity and vision of the world are different.

Art is and should be a celebration of our differences.