I grew up being told that the end of the world was coming. Bad people would die. Good people would survive. The good people were only the ones that were in the church and only those who truly believed.

The picture above is from a children’s book that was read to me at bedtime. I studied this picture every time I saw it. There are a little girl and her doll falling into the abyss. It terrified me as a child to think that God would kill children too at Armageddon. I was taught that only God could change the world.

This is not Armageddon. This is a pandemic.

COVID-19 is all-powerful.

It kills.

It also has the power to effect change.

It has given us reduced air pollution. It has reduced the use of fossil fuels. It has brought consumer consumption to a halt. It has stopped unnecessary air travel. It has given us more time to spend with our loved ones. It has changed the world in a myriad of ways forever.

COVID-19 has brought everything to a halt, which is a good thing.

Each of us needs to take this valuable time to reflect. Our jobs, our lives, our ways of doing things have forever changed.

We must change too.

Many of us are afraid of change. Change is already here and we must accept it. We need tools to help us through these difficult times.

If you haven’t already incorporated meditation into your daily routine, now’s the time to do it. Meditation has nothing to do with religion, nor does it have anything to do with God. It has everything to do with relaxation and finding peace of mind.

If you have never tried mediation before you can always try Deepak Chopra’s 21 day free mediation which can be found at https://chopracentermeditation.com

It will help you as it has helped me.