Photograph of Rodin’s Eternal Idol most likely by Edward Steichen

“The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.”

~ Auguste Rodin ~





These are all-powerful and positive words.

We are here to experience a beautiful life and to evolve.

My life has been about love.

Here are some truths I’ve discovered along the way.

We stop evolving the minute we feel that we can’t do something because of peer pressure.  We also stop evolving when we fear a loss of some kind. We stop making any progress in our evolution when our fear becomes greater than our courage. We stay in unhealthy relationships and horrible jobs because we are afraid of the unknown and the fear only increases when we have children and as we grow older. We take abuse because we hope things will improve. Better to live with the devil we know than the devil we don’t we tell ourselves to maintain our inertia.

Creatively we stop growing when we only do work that pleases our family and friends.  We do not gain any evolutionary ground by seeking out Facebook likes instead of a deeper spiritual connection to our work. It is when we become fearful of changing our imagery that our personal evolution comes to an abrupt halt. There is no advancement when we start painting images that we think more people will like instead of continuing with our own work in its natural progression.

As artists, we have heard many people tell us to start making art that will sell. But these very same people never seem to be able to tell us what exactly is guaranteed to sell. You perhaps have already convinced yourself that you will only do this kind of work for a little while to keep the peace with someone in your life. How does it make you feel? After all the very same question could be asked of anyone engaging in a sexual relationship with someone they no longer love anymore or staying in an unhealthy relationship that doesn’t fulfill them.  Is this too an acceptable choice?  Is it alright to spend time creating art that is meaningless for you?

What’s wrong with doing it for a little while? What’s wrong with you we are asked? Other people seem to be willing to do it for the money we are told.  So what amount of money is worth you ruining your personal reputation, creative growth, and spiritual evolution? Are thirty pieces of silver enough? It was OK for some one named Judas.  Yep. Look at what happened to him.

There is a higher purpose to our lives.

I believe that we are not here just to survive but to thrive and grow. We are not put on this planet to simply collect wealth and die. Our very existence has a purpose.

I believe we are all here to experience love and as artists, we are here to use the gift we’ve been given.

Rodin said that it is important “…to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live”.

So live. Allow yourselves to be moved, to love, to have hope.

Tremble with excitement, not fear.