Bravery in challenging times is a must.

Adapt or die has been my rallying cry as I push through the challenges of making a living during the current COVID19 crisis.

We are all waiting to hear the latest about the next lockdown. There is a lot of fear and trepidation in the air.

Where I learned about bravery

I’ve learned a lot about bravery from my father. He’s one of the bravest and fearless men I’ve ever met. He raised me to be just like him. I know he questions himself and wonders if he did a good job. All I can say is look at where I’ve gotten to!

My dad is one tough guy. I’ve seen him do things that are physically impossible. I saw him take pain like no other man without a whimper or a complaint. Like the time he accidentally stuck his foot in a lawnmower when I was 10. He calmly tourniqueted his foot and told me that we had about 15 minutes to get to the hospital before he passed out from shock. He told me I might have to shift and clutch for him because his right foot was the one that was injured. My dad drove himself to the hospital. He did it with no grimace, no sign of pain. The man is a tank!

Bravery knows no age

My Dad is in his eighties now and can still throw a mean football. He had a heart attack, had stents put in and then a few years later went through open-heart surgery. He still is a tank. He makes guys my age look like wimps. He faces everything with the same fearless determination he always has. He thinks things through, picks the best strategy and battles on.

Ours hasn’t been a warm and fuzzy relationship. He didn’t want me being too soft you see. I left home at a very young age well prepared to fight the good fight. I’ve seen my share of rough spots but like my dad, I have tried to be as stoic as possible. I still think he’s the better man.

My dad is my inspiration. He’s my hero. He exemplifies bravery!

Thanks, dad

Quote of the day:

“We must be willing to fall flat on our faces. Fearlessly putting ourselves out there is simply a required part of the process. At the very least, it results in the gift of humility and, at best, the triumph of our human spirit.”

~ Jill Badonsky ~