Our ability to be creative comes as a great surprise to many. We are often told that someone else in our family or that our child is gifted and that we are not.


Recognize your power


It doesn't matter how much you have achieved, accomplished, changed, fixed or tweaked in your life, your inner critic will make sure to remind you that things aren't perfect.

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Creative Collaboration


Finding a creative collaborative partner in the visual arts is a holy grail of sorts. While musicians, actors and dancers all need to learn to work and play well with others, visual artists all seem to think they don't need anyone else.

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Igniting The Creative Flame Within


Igniting the creative flame within requires us to let go of the known and venture into the unknown. Learning to let go is one of the greatest secrets of living a fully creative life.

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There was a Thanksgiving tradition in the tribe I left behind were everyone at the table was asked what they were grateful for. This year I have so much to be grateful for.