This New Year, This New Life

This new year, this new life! Many things have changed in the past year. 2019 marks a new beginning and a fresh start. The past year had been about closing a chapter in my life and moving forward. Much about this new year bodes well already. In stark contrast, New Years Eve consisted of [...]

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Bring a hammer…it’s hammaday!

I had a studio in the house for a few years when my kids were little.  At the time I was the only bread winner and it just made things a easier having my workspace in my living space.  My studio was accessible to the kids and we did several art projects together over [...]

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Half-full or half-empty…pants?

Half-empty pants? I inherited my funny bone from my Grandma Fran.  She saw humor in everything and laughed for well over a hundred years.  I am told that it wasn't always the case with her and at some point she made the conscious decision to live a life of joy.  I don't remember her [...]

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