Many famous artists have attempted to put their lives in a holding pattern to avoid having their work change. It is said that the great Lucian Freud would eat in the same restaurant on the same day of the week for months and would keep the same lover in his bed even though the relationship was over just so he could complete a painting. Artists can go to great lengths not to have their work change in any significant way.

Change is a part of the human experience. Part of the process in art is changing our way of thinking. Change is progress and evolution. Some artists find it very hard to change because their paintings are selling and are afraid that any change will affect their sales.

I have been through a tremendous amount of change in the past 18 months. My personal life is no longer recognizable. Every aspect of it has changed. I am revising my thinking which in turn is showing up in my work. The world I had created is no more, so I am creating a new one.