Be kind to one another.

Creative people need to be kind to each other. I’ve been saying this a lot lately. It is difficult enough to be in the arts without being isolated by the very people supposed to understand us and defend us. We need to respect what other people create.

Be aware of other’s feelings.

When our knowledge of art and art history is not all that evolved, it can be very difficult to accept the creativity of another. We need to be gentle with other creatives. We must remember that art reflects the artist’s life, beliefs and, in most cases, the artist’s soul. Please don’t stomp on anyone’s soul. As the Dalai Lama says, it is always possible to be kind to people. It’s a choice.

The root of it all

The truth is that jealousy lies at the root of most creative conflicts. The jealous party often doesn’t realize that there is no competition in art and that the only competition lies within oneself. Unfortunately, social media has poured more gasoline on the jealousy fire.

Public jealousy

Many artists refuse to like another artist’s Facebook page or “like” a painting because they don’t want any of their attention being given to another artist. They do not want one of their friends to sell a painting or to be successful.  In many cases, they ban or remove their artist friends from their feed out of jealousy. Many people seem unable to separate the illusion that is created by social media from real life. It is often said don’t believe everything you see on Facebook.


Many forget that they did not make it on their own and that no artist ever made it on their own. Artists thrive when they work in groups. Impressionism, Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism all came about because artists started sharing and working together.

Creating art is about evolution, the evolution of one’s art and the evolution of oneself.

The path of the artist

Art can be and is, in many cases, a spiritual path and is an act of faith. Making art can feel a lot like the “Trials of Job” and it’s really nice to be surrounded by friends when the going gets tough.

We especially need to be kind to people who are new to creativity and art. They know not what they do, just as we all once did. They may rude, harsh and very opinionated. We need to show them love as well. Many have yet to have been shown kindness by those of us who have been on the path for decades. We need to remember the kindness that was shown to us all those years ago.

We need to welcome everyone into our midst.

Today’s quote

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

~ Dalai Lama ~