How do you become more creative?

Other artists will tell you that the key to creativity is to lead a chaotic life. This opinion may derive from the fact that so many of our art heroes led difficult and outrageous lives. We just have to look at the lives of Modigliani, Soutine and Toulouse-Lautrec and we can see a chaotic life and instances of depravity.

Does creativity emerge from suffering and chaos?

I have heard many of my fellow artists say that one must suffer for their art. Does an artist really need to suffer? From my own life experience, suffering did not make me more creative. On the contrary I became preoccupied with the necessity of food, shelter and warmth. I continued to work through the hard times but the imagery was dark, angry and foreboding, imagery I fear that few would want to put on their walls. Even though I remained relatively creative the imagery was inaccessible to most of my public.

Grow your creativity

Creativity prospers when the artist has joy in his or her life. When the artist feels complete then the lines dance from beneath our hands. When an artist finds love and a peaceful environment in which to create it is then and only then that the work flows freely. This is why I have always said that the most important person in an artists life is a patron or a sponsor. Having someone who truly believes in you and what you are doing is a gift like no other for the artist and his or her creativity. When the preoccupation with survival fades creativity rises and takes it’s rightful place in the artists life.