Work within your skills as an artist

In my opinion, it is important for every artist to work within the boundaries of their skill level, their creativity as well as their knowledge and understanding of art. If one of your skills is lacking then you have to learn that skill first before proceeding to any serious work.  The amateur artist who took it upon herself to “restore” the painting of Christ in the church comes to mind.

Words of advice from Picasso

I remember reading that Picasso advising the same thing to a young Francoise Gilot. He believed that if an artist is able to handle three elements in a picture then he or she should only work with two. If an artist is able to paint or draw with ten elements in a painting then he or she should consider working with only five. In other words, if an artist pushes beyond his or her ability level then the outcome of their art may leave a lot to be desired.

It’s about skills and not competition

Many artists I have met try and put every single theory and concept they have learned about into one painting not understanding that one cannot put every single principle and element of design into one artwork. Remember it is not the number of elements that we put into our artworks that demonstrates our skill and knowledge level, but in fact, it is what we choose to do with the few we have selected that really matters.

Learn how to walk first

We must first learn to walk before we can run and we need to train if we are to run a marathon.

  • We need to understand and accept our limitations before expanding on them.
  • Learn to create with three elements before attempting to juggle ten. You will be happier with your paintings and drawings.
  • Study your own artworks.
  • Become an expert on you.

This will help you grow as an artist.

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