An adjective used to describes the ‘bluster’ of someone who comes across angry, rude or frustrated in order to create an image; to impress others; or defend themselves from personal criticism.

Describing someone (usually male) who is angry for no apparent reason, but is in fact angry at the world, because they have a very small penis.

Someone who is ‘a dick’ is also often ‘dick-angry’.

(source: urbandictionary.com)


I have one but try not to be one.

I found this definition today and had to share it.

The world is filled with dicks.

Deadbeat dad dicks, abusive dicks, lying dicks, rapist dicks…

Don’t be a dick!

The angrier the man, the smaller the penis

Every time I encounter an angry man, I wonder if it has more to do with his penis size than the situation. Ancient Greece and Rome were filled with statues of leaders with small dicks.  The “official” explanation for the micro-penises was that men with small penises were intellectuals, and by extension, smarter.  I guess that’s what the men with the small dicks told themselves, and no one really wanted to tell them the truth either.

It’s still going on

A modern-day example isn’t too far from our collective memories. The previous inhabitant of the oval office reportedly has a small one, yet it didn’t make him a rocket scientist, or even that much of a leader for that matter.

Tactics and Bribery

A man with a normal penis doesn’t think about his penis at all.  We drop our drawers without the worry of disappointing anyone.

Small men take big steps to impress or intimidate.  They overcompensate in every aspect of their lives and come across as farcical and clown-like.  They brag about things that make us cringe, like how nice they are, their sexual conquests and how great they are in bed.  They have to tell us how great they are in their chosen field.  Everything that they say is cringe-worthy.

These simple rules of thumb should suffice: The larger the bragging, the gift or threats, the smaller the penis.

They believe that you will not notice their miniature appendage if they can make you believe they are nice, kind or smart or if the gift is large enough, or if they threaten you enough, no one will know how truly small they are.