Portrait photograph of Pablo Picasso, 1908, photographer unknown


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

~ Pablo Picasso ~

The path of the artist is fraught with distractions. There are the “roadside vendors” and the “misdirections” from would be “guides” to contend with in every art school. Everyone it would seem has an opinion as to what kind of art you  should be making and what you should be doing with it.

The “roadside vendors” keep telling you that you are missing something important for your educational journey. These “salesmen” and “wannabe guides” can be pretty convincing on your path to become an artist .

We Are All Artists

Everyone is born an artist just like Picasso said. We are all born creative. The funny thing is that the minute I utter these words I get a flurry of responses from my audience. I always hear that some people are born artists, just not them. Picasso was all inclusive!  He believed that everyone was born an artist and the only problem is how to remain one as we get older!

The Pitfalls and The Lies

The truth is that these “roadside vendors” don’t want you to slip away. They want you to buy their stuff and enroll in their classes. These so-called guides will always tell you that you don’ t know enough about the subject and that you will get lost without them.

These one-hit wonders will have you struggle for years trying to do something that simply isn’t who you are as a creative being. Everyone is not destined to become a 19th century style painter and you certainly don’t have to be able to produce a painting like that to move on to the next level in art either.

The Simple Truth

You can do other things and still evolve as an artist . Find something that interests you creatively. Learn what you can about the technique and then move on to something else that interests you. It doesn’t mean you’re not any good as an artist either if you don’t master something. It just means that you should be doing something else! The same can be said about everything else that you can see on the roadside vendors table like classes on abstraction, impressionism, expressionism, and fauvism just to name a few. Go in get the information and move on. Don’t get distracted by the sales pitch.

These kinds of teachers are a dime a dozen. Find someone positive to work with and someone who respects you. Criticism should be constructive and not destructive. We all should be with mentors who get us!

Making art is not just about the surface it is also about what lies within. Look for it. Seek it out and you will be rewarded!