The man of glass

I was raised in a cult.

There I said it.

Very few of you have heard my story because I am embarrassed of where I come from and I don’t want people judging me based on my childhood within a doomsday cult.

There I said that too.

It damages you forever

Leaving is hard. People who you love unconditionally no longer love you. They are told they can’t talk to you anymore. So they don’t. They are told not to help you. So they don’t, even when you’re inches from living on the street and you’re starving. You are alone and on your own.

The benefits of freedom outweigh the risks.

History repeats itself

It really hurt me, fuck, it damaged me permanently when I was forced to leave everything and everyone at fifteen. Quite honestly, it almost killed me the second time around when I was forced to leave a family because of a divorce.

The man of glass

It’s easy to throw stones at someone who’s made of glass. We crumble to dust and gusts of wind leave no traces of us.

The scars left by my childhood were instantly reopened when you stopped talking to me, yes when all of you stopped talking to me.

You are no different than the cult I left 42 years ago.

I thought you knew me better

You shouldn’t always believe what you’ve been told.

There I’ve said that too.

You know me well enough to know that you’re already forgiven..

Spit and baling wire

Just to let you know I’m holding it together these days with spit and baling wire.

Look at some art