The definition of the word “Karma” in English is “action” or the results of our actions. The westernized and mostly Christian cartoon version of Karma has everyone punished for wrongdoing. Like the Christian God, cartoon Karma seeks out vengeance for those who remain unpunished for sin. If cartoon karma doesn’t get you in this life, it will undoubtedly get you in your next life.

Karma, therefore, has everything to do with our actions in life and the results of these actions. Every step we take in life has a negative, neutral or positive outcome. Karma has a lot to do with what is happening in our brains. If you intend to harm others, then the side effect of your actions are difficulties in your own life. If we desire to do good, then the results will be positive.

Cartoon karma is only focused on the negative choices in our life, while real Karma is about both the positive and negative outcomes of our decisions. I have always believed that whatever you throw out into the universe, good or bad, will come back to you three times.

Taking action is a choice. Deciding not to act is a choice. Letting things remain the same is also a choice.

Every choice has a consequence.

Gratitude and forgiveness are the two cornerstones in my life.

Saying thank you goes a long way, as does saying sorry.