Living in grace through art

Living in grace is no stranger to people working in the arts, whether they are painters, dancers, sculptors, actors, writers, and musicians. They are all used to living with a lack of security. These creative lives we have chosen to live require us to have faith in something, a faith in God, the Universe, the great spirit, or whatever identity the supreme being has for us.

What is grace?

Grace is essentially the polar opposite of karma. The world around us is karmic and functions solely on deserving, merits, rewards, and earnings, all of which are judgement-based. Grace, on the other hand, is about mercy and not merit. It is about getting something we don’t deserve instead of getting something we do deserve. Receiving grace is about us getting and receiving love even though we don’t deserve it. Grace is about receiving a gift without merit.

Art and faith

I have always known that creativity comes from a higher source. The simple act of painting at my easel is an act of faith that opens up the communication channel between myself and the source. I intend to connect to this higher source and let it embrace me and guide me through the life I have chosen. It requires me to have trust and faith in its power.

Being Thankful

Showing gratitude and being thankful for what we have received opens up a channel to receive grace. We cannot ask for grace; it is bestowed upon us. However, grace and gratitude always seem to come together. The more we show appreciation, the more grace we are afforded, especially if we are thankful in less than optimum circumstances. 

Living in grace

The secret of living in grace is to remember to ask the source daily for the strength and guidance to get me through my day. I have faith in this intangible energy to get me through some of the most challenging times, and it has never failed me. Trust in the source, trust in God, trust in the Universe is the only way to get past the karmic chaos we live in.  

Quote of the day

“Grace comes into the soul, as the morning sun into the world; first a dawning; then a light; and at last the sun in his full and excellent brightness.”

– Thomas Adams –

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