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About The Series

The evolution in the depiction of the female form both in contemporary society and in art history have been at the heart of Stewart Fletcher’s creative explorations for many years. The nude figures in his drawings are constructed to varying degrees from observation, memory and imagination and are a transcription of impressions from the past and present studio sessions as well as the images and other mediatic influences that abound in contemporary society. It is obvious to the viewer that as a highly skilled draftsman, Fletcher has chosen his medium and style very carefully. It is equally clear that the artist loves the female form and is intrigued by the female psyche.

He is also astutely aware of the politics of representation and the role that the male gaze and desire play in the creation of both historical and contemporary imagery. He fearlessly and unabashedly pushes some of his current creations past the undeclared representational boundaries through the use of dark humor, satire and the appropriation of low-culture imagery and other contemporary ephemera in an attempt to reconcile society’s never changing views, expectations and depictions of women in both popular culture and art with the views of women and the models themselves

Ideas · Observations · Concepts


40 years of experience have provided Stewart Fletcher with a great deal of intuition when working from the live model.  The artist needs to be aware of the model at all times.


The lines and the movements of the artists hands generate the emotional quality in these works.  The artist is aware of the nuances in the model and the space.

The Unexpected

There are unexpected things that happen in every work of art, especially when using watercolor or ink. Stewart Fletcher uses the unexpected to bring out the intangible in his imagery.


These are intimate portraits of the models and they choose the pose and the level of intimacy. It is a professional relationship between the artist and model.

The Sublime

Stewart Fletcher believes he is working not only from the live model but also in partnership with the intangible, an unseen force behind creativity.


Each painting, drawing and work on paper is unique and there are no two works of art that are exactly alike.  The artist isn’t interested on making replicas or copies.

Information for Collectors

The artists paintings drawings and works on paper are in over 400 personal collections in over 20 countries and 36 American States. Stewart Fletcher has often had work purchased outright by commercial art galleries who have sold his work directly to their clients at substantially higher prices than you may see in our gallery. His work has been seen at auction on the secondary market in Europe and has been fetching well over the initial price that the artist originally was paid for the work.  Our prices reflect what has been paid by the many collectors who have bought his work as well as the current value in the secondary market.

Samples from the Series

Warm Summer Evening. 22 x 30 inches. Mixed media on paper. © Stewart Fletcher

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