Artwork Description

For several years I spent Wednesday nights drawing a friend of mine in her loft. She wanted to be a part of my art and felt that she wanted to live the experience of being a creative source and inspiration for an artist. She spent a great deal of her time on the indigo couch that sat up against one of the walls nearest to the window so that the cool summer night’s air could flow over hr skin. Wednesday nights consisted of good food, smooth jazz, pleasant conversation and a lot of drawing.

This large nude painting is an exploration of the female figure and an exploration of the space she occupies. I created this painting intending to create the impression that the viewer and the model feel like they occupy the same room and interact. The model feels as if she is about to get off the couch because the viewer has walked into her line of vision and is intruding on something private and intimate.

This painting is created in oils on canvas that is 2 1/2 inches deep.

The work is signed and comes accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.