Artwork Description

Why I would draw a vulva? It seems to be a taboo topic for many because I very rarely get asked.  I draw them because they are a part of the human body, and like faces, there are no two alike.  A vulva or yoni are viewed as spiritual in some cultures and so do I. Furthermore, I consider this vulva drawing and all the others as portraits of the people who posed for them.  These vulva or yoni drawings are intentionally fragile, intimate and personal.  Moreover, all of these drawings reflect private and shared moments been the artist and the models.

You discover that many art students leave their pages blank where the genitals are supposed to be in art school. Understandably, I always found it strange why others leave the penises and vulvas out of their drawings and paintings.  After all, doesn’t the art look like something is missing?

This drawing is part of a series that I call “Parts Project,” which began several decades ago, and continues to be added to from time to time.

This drawing is created on 140lb arches watercolour paper. The materials used are Rapidograph Ink. The drawing is signed and I provide a certificate of authenticity.