Artwork Description

Looking at the penis

The penis often gets overlooked in art.  Some artists even leave blank spaces in their drawings where the penis should be!  An artist may get away with leaving a blank space with a female model because the female genitals are mostly hidden from view.  But the penis? Not a chance!

What’s so great about the penis?

We can choose to look at all the components of our model at one time or at each component separately and admire the beauty in even the smallest detail. Nature rarely repeats itself, and like snowflakes, there are no two penises alike. These penis drawings are intentionally fragile, intimate and personal. The interpretation of these drawings belongs to the viewer for this kind of realism comes with the understanding that these works were created because the model decided to share something very personal and private with the artist.

It’s a question of beauty

The male body is just as beautiful as the female body, yet there seems to be a lack of appreciation for the male nude in the general population. The appreciation of the male body should be all-inclusive and be as it is with the female form.

About this penis drawing

This penis drawing is from a new series I have begun work on.  I’ve decided to call this series of drawings and paintings “Junk”.

This drawing is done on high-quality acid-free Arches 140lb watercolour paper. Brush marks and ink pooling are visible in the work and are an intrinsic part of the drawing. The work is signed on the front by the artist. It comes accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.