Artwork Description

Anonyme is a mixed media drawing is based on a photograph that a complete stranger sent me so I could draw her in the nude.

Several models I have worked with over the past 40 years are fascinated by the erotic nature of the drawings of Klimt and Schiele. Some choose to express themselves in ways that others are uncomfortable doing.

Erotisme and the erotic is all about turning yourself on, other people on and exciting them in a sexual way. I frequently get private requests from people to draw or paint them in the nude and draw their vulva or penis so that they can be a part of the work I do. In today’s digital age, I get sent pictures and videos to work from people from around the world. In the past, many of these works have gotten blended into my Intimate Moments Series.

This work of art is done in graphite and pastel on 140lb Arches watercolour paper.

I have signed it and I will provide a certificate of authenticity.