Artwork Description

Title: Coffee with Molanari
Size: 9 x 12 inches
Medium: Oil on masonite

Many important things in life are discussed over a cup of coffee. This painting is about my recollections of conversations I had with Guido Molanari in the mid-1980’s when I was studying art. Before the advent of social media artists would meet in restaurants, bars and cafés to discuss current art trends, events and ideas. These sometimes heated discussions fueled creativity and ideas far more effectively than social media.

Each painting I create is unique. There are no two alike. Like this work of art, each painting and drawing tells a story and is part of a larger more complex series of paintings and drawings.

This painting is done in oils on Masonite. It is mounted on a pine frame and it’s edges have been painted black. It is signed.

It comes accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.