Artwork Description

This abstract painting was inspired by a return to nature and an appreciation of all of its beauty. As a teen I would spend many hours walking in the forests of the Laurentians where I grew up, stopping, looking and exploring all that was around me down to the finest detail. I would draw the small parts of a larger subject, enjoying the intricacies of each shape and structure. However, the rebirth of this appreciation came about when a lake that my family visits froze solid without being snow-covered. The surface was like a mirror that went on for miles. The reflections in the ice were no longer a mountain, sky and tree, but abstract, colour, shape and texture. I rediscovered that day that Nature is indeed filled with a treasure trove of shapes, colours and textures. This body of work is an expression of these experiences.

This large painting is done on canvas. The work is signed and comes accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.