Artwork Description

Black-Eyed Susan’s are part of my personal symbolism and iconography. They are not without meaning when the viewer see’s them in one of my works.  Every detail of this work on paper is meant to convey something deeply personal to the viewer from me. This flower speaks of the possibility of change and growth in our lifetime and refers to  someone who forever changed the direction of my own  life.  Life is precious. We are meat to live full and rewarding lives.

The models that pose for me are my friends and very few of them have posed nude before. Most come to sit for me because they love art and want to contribute to my work. I like to let the models choose their own poses and by doing so the imagery is different and more natural. I believe in letting my sitters be themselves. In the past I have worked in my models home where I discovered that when a model feels secure a different kind of imagery and emotional quality can be had. Making someone feel comfortable at the studio can also have the same effect. This drawing is part of my ongoing intimate moments series.

Model with Black-Eyed Susans is done on acid-free paper. The drawing is created in graphite, Gesso, Rapidograph Ultradraw ink and Liquitex Professional Acrylic Ink and Dr. Ph. Martin’s watercolor inks and Windsor & Newton watercolors. The work is signed. I provide a certificate of authenticity.