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About The Series

Some of the greatest paintings ever created are of interiors. From Velasquez to Matisse, artists have always painted rooms and interiors. My own fascination with interiors began quite early on in my career. Having left home at a very young and with no home to return to my own spaces became vitally important to me. having spent several years on the deeper edges of poverty, my rooms, my apartment and eventually my home became sacred spaces that I could retreat to to escape the chaos and the noise of the world around me. Some of the first interiors I painted were of my apartment in Montreal’s St-Henri district. At the time the area was considered the ghetto and consisted of low rent apartments and rooms for the working poor.

Although the living conditions were rough, the interiors there were my refuge, my sanctuary and my home for several years. I painted many paintings from memory during the late nineties when I had become established and owned my owned my own home. Stepping back in time in these painting reflected a deep personal consciousness of where I had come from and where I planned to go. Over the past few years I have returned to this subject quite frequently to remindmyself once again of my roots and personal trajectory. The more recent paintings of interiors reflect a re-discovery of the works of Matisse.

Ideas · Observations · Concepts

Our Spaces

Our physical spaces are deeply personal and reflect a great deal about who we are as individuals, our passions and our tastes.


The lines and the movements of the artists hands generate the emotional quality in these works. The artist is aware of his brushstrokes in the perception of space.

The Unexpected

There are unexpected things that happen in every work of art, especially when using fluid mediums. Stewart Fletcher uses the unexpected to bring out the intangible in his imagery.


Our living spaces, work-spaces and studios are private and intimate spaces. We restrict entry to these spaces to protect our privacy.

Emotional Quality

Spaces carry the emotional qualities of the residents. Stewart believes that the energies and residual energies can be felt without the presence of the inhabitants.


Each painting, drawing and work on paper is unique and there are no two works of art that are exactly alike.  The artist isn’t interested on making replicas or copies.

Information for Collectors

The artists paintings drawings and works on paper are in over 400 personal collections in over 20 countries and 36 American States. Stewart Fletcher has often had work purchased outright by commercial art galleries who have sold his work directly to their clients at substantially higher prices than you may see in our gallery. His work has been seen at auction on the secondary market in Europe and has been fetching well over the initial price that the artist originally was paid for the work.  Our prices reflect what has been paid by the many collectors who have bought his work as well as the current value in the secondary market.

Samples from the Series

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