Artwork Description

Resting Pose is a life drawing of a  model resting between poses. It is a part of the body of work that I did during the initial COVID-19 confinement. Most people on the planet have been confined in small spaces to avoid exposure to the virus.  One of two things will happen during confinement, either there will be a separation or a divorce or the creation of a deeper connection between people and, by extension, lovers. My drawings reflect a renewal of intimacy, love and personal contact with my significant other.

We need intimacy and connection with others more than we need wealth or success. In difficult times we need others. Before the appearance of Covid-19, we took our marriages and relationships for granted. Without our jobs and other distractions in life, many of us have reconnected with our partners in ways we haven’t in years.

Resting pose has her dozing off between poses, capturing a deeply personal and private moment between us.  This drawing reflects the deeper reconnection we have had then and ever since. If anything the pandemic made us stronger as a couple.

Resting Pose is a mixed media drawing is done on acid-free 140lb Arches watercolour paper. Created in watercolours, gesso, graphite and ink.

The drawing is signed. 

I provide a certificate of authenticity.