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The Artist

Stewart Fletcher has participated in over one hundred solo and group exhibitions in both public and private galleries. His paintings, drawings and works on paper can be found in several hundred international collections.


The artist explores concepts and ideas that go beyond the figurative image.  His paintings and drawings reflect his impressions, experiences and observations from day-to-day living, thus connecting the viewer to the art. He often uses humor and satire in his paintings and drawing as a way to convey ideas on opinions.


Recognized for his fascination and skill in depicting the nude human body, Stewart Fletcher is also known for his passion and curiosity about many things including metaphysics, quantum theory, biology and the perception of color.


Henri Matisse

Credit: Paul Romanowski At the peak of world war two, Henri Matisse was fighting for his life.  He was undergoing intestinal cancer surgery as the Germans entered France.  His life changing surgery also had a huge impact on Modern Art.  This is one of my favorite documentaries on the

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Everyone can learn how to mix paints and use colours effectively!

In this video, Stewart Fletcher begins to discuss some of the basic notions about colour. Everyone can learn to mix colours and use colours effectively! This topic is elaborated upon in his painting classes both privately and in his workshops. Other Videos

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Why I Paint Women

Why do I paint women? It's a question I still get forty years into my career.  I answered questions in this mini-documentary almost 20 years ago as a part of the television show Eros. The answers I gave are still valid today.  My response today is more complex and nuanced due

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