“Here he is…The Painter of Vaginas”!

Nothing quite silences a crowd like someone yelling VAGINAS at the top of their lungs.

All heads turned in the room  simultaneously to catch a glimpse of The Painter of Vaginas. It’s kind of like someone yelling FIRE in a crowed room minus of course everyone running towards the exit or in this case towards the entrance to shake hands with the quote unquote vagina connoisseur.

A painter of vaginas? Is that something that gets done after waxing?

Now you would kind of figure that someone with a Masters degree and female should know that The Painter of Vaginas was really the Painter of Vulvae or is that Vulvas?

Goose = geese

Moose = meese?

Officially folks:

Vagina = Vaginae or vaginas

Vulva = vulvae or vulvas

By the time this now infamous Painter of Vulvae got to the event there had already been way too much wine served.  The evening ended with The Portray-er of all Things Vulvae, standing between two very agitated women who were prepared to wrestle over the propriety of one of them publicly calling me out as the Vaginal Connoisseur Extraordinaire.  Really the label isn’t really all that bad is it folks.

In all fairness you will catch an occasional glimpse of a well drawn vulva in my work but will never see a vagina although I might have hidden one somewhere in the drawing.