There is no secret

Firstly, there are no secrets that lead you to become a better artist instantly, and your art teachers aren’t keeping secrets from you that will get you to where you want to be overnight. If you feel that someone is keeping a secret from you, remember that there are more unqualified art teachers out there than qualified ones. Perhaps the person teaching you simply doesn’t know.

On talent

Secondly, no one is born with talent. Talent is earned through the acquisition of skill, and skill is learned, not inherited. You may have a predilection for drawing as a child, which leads you to draw a lot. It is this daily practice of drawing that leads to you becoming talented.

There is no conspiracy

Thirdly, there is no insider information, and there are no secret handshakes. There is no secret conspiracy to hold you back from your success as an artist. No one is working against you.  The only person responsible for your struggles is yourself.

The truth

The only thing that can get you to where you want to be right now is to draw like your very life depends on it and draw more than you do already. There is no other way to get where you want to be than to do Gladwell’s ten thousand hours. To become a good artist, you have to take the time and do the hours of practice to get there. Get over the idea of greatness. You’ll be a good artist but never great. Greatness is bestowed upon those who deserve it and only after a lifetime of hard work and devotion to their craft.

Set aside the notion of glory in your lifetime and do your work!

The drawing above:

Title: Lovers
Size: 22 x 30 inches
Medium: Ink and watercolour on paper

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