This new year, this new life!

Many things have changed in the past year.

2019 marks a new beginning and a fresh start. The past year had been about closing a chapter in my life and moving forward.

Much about this new year bodes well already.

In stark contrast, New Years Eve consisted of a supper in a restaurant and a quiet night at home watching “Le Bye-Bye” in front of the fire.

Traditionally the day after New Years had been a quiet day in the studio reviewing the work I had created over the past year.

This new year and new life had me doing some life drawings of the love of my life in the studio.

Having someone in my life who wants to share in and be a part of the art I create is diametrically opposed to what I have known. It is refreshing as it is *beautiful*.

A great many things ended last year and so many wonderful things have begun.

Truly I am blessed!

Most importantly I am happy and in love!

Happy New Year!