My journey

My journey is a collection of elements derived from observation, from what I have created before, from my ongoing life experiences and a spattering of recollections from my subconscious and my dreams.

We are here to evolve

A component of our personal evolution is retrospection. We must know where we came from, where we just were and where we are going to understand the journey we are on.


As I create, I am also keenly aware that I am evolving from somewhere. Creatively there was starting point forty years ago. Someone and something was set in motion. Art making is done for a variety of reasons. Essential to my own evolution and art-making is the requirement of consciousness and thought.

Making something meaningful

Mine, like many others, is a very personal and intimate journey. Sometimes my art-making cuts very deep and requires a significant emotional strength to share it with others. One of the most important requirements of making something meaningful in art is to assemble elements so that others can assimilate them. Each element in my work has significance and is an integral part of the dialogue.

Too busy formulating a response

Auditors of my work may become distracted because, too often, they are busy formulating a response to what they assume they see and, by doing so, have overlooked the meaning and the nuanced significance of the elements that I have put there.

Images are language

Image making is a language. Learning to use and understand its nuances is a life-long journey. Not every image we see contains nuances.  Not every work of art contains something meaningful. As auditors, we must learn to hone our senses to discern a single artist’s voice among the myriads of others.

Being able to see nuance is part of understanding the discourse.

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Title: Exodus (arrangement of Henry Vandyke Carter’s illustration)
Size: 24 x 24 inches
Medium: Mixed Media on wood panel

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