Becoming the best version of ourselves requires us to evolve. Matthew Kelly is right in his assessment that the people in our lives dictate who we are and who we will become. There comes a point in your life when you realize that the people around you do not challenge you anymore and perhaps never really have. You feel that you are getting stuck in the “noise” of day-to-day living. It feel like you’re stuck in quicksand. You feel like you can’t get enough air. You’re one of the lucky ones. At least you’re aware of how you are feeling.

I have high expectations of myself. I have always envisioned a career in New York, Paris, LA. To get where I want to requires me to be around people who have the high expectations of themselves too. Like Kelly says no man becomes great on his own.  Simply put: we must be around people who are evolving to get to our desired destination.

My personal motto has always been “Either you’re with me or you’re not”. It may sound a little harsh to some. It’s not a complicated concept because there are no gray areas. I’m in the process of evolution. Either you are or you aren’t. Either you’re in or you’re out. Life is a far too precious to thing to waste and I’m moving in a forwards direction. How about you?

Everyone has the possibility of getting stuck. We blame it on our relationships, our kids, our jobs, our depression, our responsibilities and the lack of time. The reality may be that we only have ourselves to blame. We all know very successful people who have relationships, kids and who are very busy and still evolving and moving forwards towards their life’s purpose.  What’s their secret? They are surrounded by people who are moving forward and who are successful too.

If there are people in your life that are constantly telling you that you need to be doing something other than your chosen path in life then perhaps you’re not in the right group. If the people in your life aren’t supporting you and your career then consider finding supportive people. If they aren’t with you, then they’re against you. If people are always trying to change you or trying to impose their vision of who you are and should be upon you then you have consider your options..

Sorry, but we don’t need to get shit on by anyone. We need to get unstuck!

What we fail to realize is that dealing with what is mostly self-created drama in our lives drains us of our life force. It distracts us from our life purpose. It makes us unhappy. I don’t know about you but I am not a big fan of unhappiness.

If you are lost in the anger, resentment and retaliation mode of living you may fail to realize what you have lost when the forward moving individuals leave your life. I know that I am certainly not alone when I distance myself from these types of personalities.  I find drama to be a complete and total waste of time.

The irony of any personal evolution is that the people that once held you back will eventually take credit for your evolution and your career even though it is clear that you would never have achieved anything had you remained.

It’s all about evolution baby!