A giant among men

I’ve talked a great deal about David Hockney, over coffee and in my classes.  He is in my opinion one of the greatest living artists today. Like Picasso he is a giant in the art world, and like Picasso either you love his work or you hate his work.

Landscapes: A bigger message

His fan base really exploded when he started painting the English landscape.  Like with all of his work there is a book for that, one that explains in greatly detail what his inspirations are and what he is attempting to do creatively. If you are a fan of landscape painting I encourage you to read : A Bigger Message: Conversations with David Hockney.

Other resources

Watch: David Hockney 80: 80 short films for his 80th birthday, in the link below. Coluga Pictures has a wonderful series of outtakes of David Hockney interviews.  I suggest you take a listen to all of them because there are invaluable insights into art, art-making and the artist himself!  I encourage you to rent the film on Coluga Pictures Vimeo link!  I would also like to personally thank Bruno Wollheim for generously providing so many outtakes free of charge!

Link: Coluga Pictures on YouTube

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