For the love of colour

Everyone loves colour. Yet colour is more than just a name on a tube or on a can of paint. Each pigment has its own history and pedigree. It’s science, biology and magic all wrapped up in one. A better understanding of it takes years and I would even venture a lifetime.  I do not believe that anyone can truly master it because biologically our eyesight is continuously changing.  Cataracts and diminishing eyesight affected artists like Claude Monet and Edgar Degas.  How we see colour is constantly being renewed.

How it communicates

Each colour transmits wavelengths and frequencies of light differently.  Our eyes capture the light emanating from each pigment and the cones in our eyes transmit and stimulates our brain. Essentially this means that individually we do not see it in the same way because we are all different.

My fascination with it

Most of my paintings reflect my fascination with pigments and the relationships between them.  My “Luncheon at the Studios” series is not only about colour but also about its effects on emotion.  It is a direct way of communicating with the viewer without them necessarily being aware of the conversation that they are having with a work of art.

The power of colour

Colours can heal and they can convey feelings and emotions in a very profound way by stimulating the viewers’ minds and in turn changing how they feel at any given moment. Colour is a language and is a very powerful tool and should not be taken lightly by anyone contemplating picking up a brush. Just like language we need to know what we are saying in all its subtleties.

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