“If we do not transform our pain, we will most assuredly transmit it…If we cannot find a way to make our wounds into sacred wounds, we invariably become negative or bitter—because we will be wounded.”

~ Richard Rohr ~

I know, two posts about gratitude in a row.

There was a Thanksgiving tradition in the tribe I left behind were everyone at the table was asked what they were grateful for.  This year I have so much to be grateful for. A few years ago I was asked by two older gentlemen if I had to live my life all over again if I would change anything. My response still is that I would live it all over again in a heartbeat. Ironically in someways I recently did if I really reflect on things.

Here are just a few things I am grateful for.

Grateful for my life lessons.

Thankful to have survived not once, twice but three times.

Blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a father.

Honored to have been a part of a larger family at least for a little while.

Blessed with a son and a daughter.

Grateful for the friendships while they lasted.

Thankful to have lived the contrasts.

Grateful for the difficulties of the past five months for they have given me clarity and appreciation for what I have now.

I send out my love to those who think of me with fondness.

I too will miss you as I continue on with my journey.

I’m OK.

Happy Thanksgiving.