I had a studio in the house for a few years when my kids were little.  At the time I was the only bread winner and it just made things a easier having my workspace in my living space.  My studio was accessible to the kids and we did several art projects together over the years.  From oil paintings to the mobiles that still hang in my new studio today.

Now I’ve always been a do it yourself-er too.  I come from a long line of farmers and jerry-riggers.  I’ve been known to jerry-rig a thing or too just to keep things running. I’ve done a lot of temporary-permanent fixes like coffee can mufflers and other car-related thingy-ma-doodles to keep the metal beasts on the road.  Tools are still scattered around in my studio today.  There are toilet snakes, soldering irons, car jacks, saws and those little plastic drawers of bits and pieces you keep for your next jerry-rigging project.

Connor loved the tools especially the hammer.  It was never just “hamma-time” it was “hamma-day” every day!

He was always looking for something to use the “hammaday” on.

Today he is a computer guy.

He’s put the hamma-day down and picked up his game console instead.

He’s the next-gen jerry-rigger.

Computer jerry-rigger.