Is it art?

This is a frequent question. On the artist’s path, we will inevitably face criticism for the work we create. Some will judge what we make harshly, while others will dismiss it.

We are unique

Everyone must remember that the creative act is unique to each of us, and this fact alone makes it very difficult to compare the work of one person to that of another.

Creativity isn’t a competition

Making art or being creative is not a competitive activity, although many would have you believe that there are more gifted people than others or those who are born with a special skill. Most fail to see the nuances and the different creative objectives that each person has for their work and the reasons they do it.

Some will never get it

Competitive art people often are focused solely on realism and realistic-looking art based on the photographic image. They are often quick to dismiss work that is not realistic as inferior and lacking skill. Some will even be so bold as to say that anything that isn’t realism isn’t art! Others look solely at art sales to determine whether the artist is good or not.

Acquiring something more

These kinds of debates are never-ending and waste time because there will never be a consensus. Instead, we need to focus on the work we have chosen to do and the reasons why we are creative in the first place. While I still believe in the acquisition of skill is important, I also believe in acquiring a deeper connection with the unseen and the intangible in the creative act.

Understanding what it’s really about

Ironically the discussions about what is and isn’t art are often found in the ranks of amateur artists. I have heard very few successful artists enter the fray. They already understand the profundity of the act of creation. They understand that it is all about the work and its ability to connect the artist and the viewer to something greater than themselves.