Leaving a mark

I  believe that it is a part of our DNA to leave proof and signs of our existence for future generations to discover. From the cave paintings of Lascaux to our modern-day graffiti artists, there have been those of us who have felt the need to leave our mark for others to see.

What is art?

Futile debates continue to determine what is art and what isn’t. Many artists have taken sides, choosing either to try and live in the past and create imagery loosely based on 19th-century idealism or to push boundaries so far that the general public has great difficulty understanding the work they create.  An integral part of this debate is who exactly is an artist?

No concern of ours

Creatives really shouldn’t be concerned about whether what other creatives are making is or isn’t art. Likewise, they shouldn’t be worried about who is or isn’t an artist either. That isn’t up to us to decide. Instead, we should be concerned about whether we are spending enough time doing our own work.

History will be the judge

Just keep making. Creativity, after all, is in our DNA! Everyone knows that what is trendy today will be not so trendy tomorrow. Someone is hot today but forgotten the next day, so just let art history be the judge!

Do your work!

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