Chaos junkies.

When you are dealing with any chaos, your full attention is on resolving it. Chaos is intrusive as it is loud. Once you get it fixed, the chaos addicts in your life will seek to generate more on their own, so they do not have to face more pressing and more important matters in their lives.

Why create chaos?

Chaos lovers do not want you to be happy. They do not want you to succeed. Instead, they want you to focus on them and not your life goals, career, or anything else important to you.

Chaos is a distraction.

Chaos keeps us from working. It keeps us from working on something more meaningful and especially from working on ourselves. So if you have nothing to complain about, no problems, the question becomes, why are you not doing anything constructive?

Many more people are addicted to chaos than we think we think.

Chaos is some people’s heroin.  They always appear angry. If there is nothing in their present lives to complain about, they will complain about the past.  They complain all the time, about everyone and everything and they always portray themselves as a victim when in fact they are the perpetrator.

If they can’t find chaos, they make their own.

Like all junkies who can’t get a fix, they try and make their own. If they cannot find anything new to complain about, they will look for something to ignite chaos with, no matter how insignificant. The spark becomes what you have or haven’t done, the tone of your voice, the way you look at them, and your words.


Essentially these junkies are an ungrateful lot who don’t realize how great they have it. If we haven’t been grateful lately, we should be asking ourselves if we too are mainlining chaos in an attempt to ignore our life’s purpose.

The truth

If you are with a junkie remember that all junkies will eventually need a fix.


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