Creativity cannot survive in chaos.  As artists we require large tracks of time in which peace exists to sustain our creativity.  Perhaps this is why so many of us end up working at night while chaos sleeps.  Chaos visits us in many forms.  It can come in the guise of a relationship, a job, family issues and other situations in our life.

When an artist, writer, actor, photographer or dancer ceases to be creative the void of creativity often gets filled with chaos.  Often the chaos is self-made. It is a phenomena that I have observed for over four decades.  Chaos will keep us away from your work if we let it.

But we don’t have to let the chaos in.

Non-creative people often bring chaos to your doorstep.  The chaos they bring spreads like a virus into our studios and work-spaces  and eventually our work may cease as well.  Misery loves company.

So how does one keep the madness at bay? Chaos is easily vanquished by creativity. Showing up at the easel, the page, or the rehearsal on time every day is one way for us to nurture our creativity.  It may feel difficult or even impossible because chaos is like a wolf at the door.  Don’t feed the wolf. Don’t open the door to chaos while you’re being creative. Keep your schedule.  Maintain your processes and creative structure and expand your creative time as much as possible.

Because creativity brings peace and as artists we thrive in peace.