It was important for a collector historically to know where an artist studied and with whom.  If an artist didn’t have the right pedigree then there was no client.  The same can be said about who an art student decided to study with.  It was important that you studied with an artist with experience, good formal training and of course a network of collectors.

Anyone scrolling through a social media feed today will attest that this once important belief is a thing of the past.  The two art forms most affected by this fundamental shift in belief are the visual arts and literature.  In both these fields we have witnessed the eradication of professional peer assessment.  Popular music has also taken a few steps back as well, but unlike the visual arts and literature the music still does have to be enjoyable to listen to.

I remain a firm believer in formal training especially in drawing.  I have always found that I can tell a lot about an artist from their drawings.  Observational and life drawing is what separates a trained artist from the masses of other artists and their copies of photographs. Observational skill directly from life is king.

Long live the king.