I’ve been on the internet for a very long time, so long in fact that I remember it being only a blinking cursor on a dark screen. I love the tool because of the power it has to sell my art, and quite frankly, the internet has made me successful beyond my wildest dreams.

I jumped on board Facebook in 2004. Since it’s inception, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I have left it at least three times only to have to come back because most people only communicate through the platform.

Unfortunately, we can no longer consider not using social media. We can only ask ourselves what we want to use it for and how we want to behave on the platform. Many individuals believe that un-friending someone is powerful socially, especially if they have racked up a lot of friends. The reality is that it is only powerful if the other person is offended by the gesture.

What I find most insidious is that many users believe everything they see on the platform. One would hope at some point that there will come a time where users will start understanding that they aren’t interpreting what they see on Facebook correctly.

I was un-friended recently by an artist friend and banned from seeing his posts. I hadn’t had any interactions with this individual for months, and it was friendly. So what happened? I haven’t been on the platform all that much in recent months.

Then I posted one picture.

Was it because I shared a picture of my swimming pool?

Guess it was.

Success will get you banned.