A common story

Do we really know one another in every sense of the word?

What are your personal values?

This Norman Rockwell painting has always amused me.

It tells a common story we have all faced at one time or another. People like to gossip but do they really know the person they’re talking about?

I’m not talking deep dark secrets here either. I’m talking about the basics. Like who you are as a person and what your values are.

My story

Very few of you know my story. I guess when I get around to writing my biography, a few more of you will. To get where I am today has required a great deal of intelligence and cunning. It has required me to be diligent, strong, and maintain a set of immovable core values and a deep sense of spirituality—all of this at a very young age. There was a carefully laid out plan. There needed to be one.

Getting it done

To get done what I needed to get done required me to be very strong as a kid. Therefore, it was quite literally to live or die.

These events gave me a one-mindedness like no other you may have seen or encountered in my formative years.

Then there is that proverb about walking in another man’s shoes…not too many have walked in my shoes or quite frankly showed very much interest in doing so.

Key components

Throughout the course of my life, what has remained so far have been those immovable core values and my spiritual beliefs.

The two key components in my list of values are:

– Your character cannot be essentially injured, except by your own acts.

– If anyone speaks evil of you, let your life be so that none will believe him.


My Grandpa Art gave me a list of maxims to live by when I left my family’s community. His maxims weren’t religious either, which will surprise most everyone who knew him in his community.  No, folks, the list of maxims he gave me were, for the most part, just common sense. I got them plasticized and have carried them with me for over 40 years now. The two components above come from that list of maxims.

What today’s blog is about

It’s not all about you. This blog is about the people in your life who you don’t know anything about and who we all fail to get to know. We omit to let others talk, and dominate conversations and fail miserably at listening because we’re trying to formulate an answer before the other person has even finished speaking. Similarly, religion, our biases and our pride get in the way of family. Moreover, we let our stupidity and our fears of differences ruin friendships and family relationships. In addition, when called out on our bad behaviour, we blame others and, more frequently, the person we have overlooked.

Take the time

Take the time to get to know that other person you know absolutely nothing about. Set aside your differences. Stop preaching the gospel according to you, and start listening before it’s too late.