Ground Hogs Day

Just like in the movie,  I get a sense of Deja Vu almost every day. I find myself reliving the same issues, hearing the same rhetoric, and having to deal with the same problems day in and day out.  Evolution in every sense of the word seems to be non-existent.

Problem solved, or so you thought.

Just when you think you can move on to the next thing, you’re back putting out fires on something you thought you’d extinguished the day before.  I find myself searching for a multitude of solutions for something that isn’t broken daily. I understand the concept of preventive measures and maintenance, but can we just put the thing in gear and move forward?

Crazy-assed shit

Trust me. I’ve seen some crazy-assed shit in my day. Yes, folks, the kind of things that make you want to say hmm.

Trying to wrap my mind around some of the stuff has been harrowing, exhausting and mind-boggling, to say the least.

I can see why Jacqueline locked the gates…

If life was a car

You don’t need to stop the car to look in the rearview mirror.  That’s my point.  We do sometimes need to know where we’ve been to find our way back onto the highway. The problem is that so many people get so wrapped up in the past that they’ve forgotten where they intended to go in the first place.

The trivial and the mundane

We get distracted by unimportant, stupid stuff.  For one, we expend a great amount of energy trying to prove to everyone that we are right.

But what happens after you’re right?

By then, everyone else has moved on, and no one really cared in the first place.

Why are you here?

Only you can answer that.  You have to figure it out. But we can only do it by moving forward. Inertia and belly-button glazing will only get you more navel lint.

Limited time

We all have an expiry date.  It comes a lot sooner than we think. So how do you want to spend your limited time? Enjoying life or fighting and arguing about something really unimportant?  Would you rather be making love now or talking about how great things used to be when you were younger?  If you can set aside your past, you will discover that things are really good now.


As a species, we seem to only remember the good times.  Everything was better before.  The truth is that it sucked the bag back then too.

Choosing wisely

Living in the moment and in a forward-looking movement is the wisest choice.  We cannot change or fix our past. No one should be arguing about things that happened in the past, nor should our past experiences dominant the present. Instead, there needs to be a constructive process geared towards remedying issues and perceived slights going forward.

The ultimate destination

We’re all going to die, and many of us are going to die before we have lived.

That’s God’s honest truth.