“That autumn of 1914 was wonderful, with sunny days and frosty nights… In the evening by the campfire, we discussed plans for the next day while we cooked good, husky meals.”

~. A. Y. Jackson ~

Finding a creative collaborative partner in the visual arts is a holy grail of sorts. While musicians, actors and dancers all need to learn to work and play well with others, visual artists all seem to think they don’t need anyone else.

Every single visual art movement in history started with a group of visual artists getting together to share ideas. While each artists work is unique to them it has always been the collaborations and the friendships that made the work possible. There has never been an art movement of one.

Then why isn’t there more collaboration in the visual arts? The simple answer is that most visual artists believe that they are competing with other artists. Some are afraid that another artist will steal their ideas, steal their collectors and eventually become more successful than them.

I understand this fear but it is unfounded. There are no two works of art or artists that are exactly alike.

To be quite honest reading AY’s description of a painting excursion makes me a little envious and jealous. It has been decades since I’ve experienced anything remotely resembling “sharing” with other visual artists.  Quite honestly any experience I have had has felt very one sided.

I remain hopeful that there are other artists like me looking to just talk about art and ideas without a mottos operandi. There must still be artists just looking for a friendship based on the commonality of a love of art.