If I died tonight

Today I was asked if I would have any second thoughts or regrets about my career or my life if I died tonight.  My answer is no. I have lived in a country where I am permitted to pursue my creativity and live my life unfettered. I have had a good life. I am grateful

It is what it is

Everything that has happened to me has led me to this exact moment and place in time. I am privileged.  I have a large studio where I can create that is outside of my home. It is a gift.  Being given another chance at love and happiness is a blessing.  It is all good.


I let go of anger years ago.  It came about when I forgave people from my past for what they did to me.  It was freeing. I remain free from its clutches.

Life is good.

Remaining at peace

To be at peace or become more peaceful requires us to change.  We cannot change others.

None of us are here to change others for we can only change ourselves.

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Title: In Love
Size: 15 x 22 inches
Medium: Mixed media on paper

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